Nokia study: 84% LTE 4G users consume advanced services like video calling

22 May

A Nokia study said 84 percent of the users of LTE 4G operators in markets like Korea consume advanced services such as video calling, send / receive emails, instant messaging, etc.

The global share of heavy users of advanced services is 69 percent of all customers, while it has increased to 75 percent in matured telecom markets from 67 percent last year.

The study found that there is a relationship between customer loyalty and telecom operator’s focus on network and service quality, as well as in customer care.

The 2014 Acquisition and Retention Study Report from Nokia said while retention drivers vary by market maturity, delivering excellent quality keeps customers happy and loyal.

40 percent of customers globally are planning to switch provider in the next 12 months. This is a major warning signal to global telecoms.

The percentage of mobile customers, who think a telecom operator must offer excellent network quality, even if it costs more, increased by 2 percent to 41 percent.

Nokia study

Messaging and Internet service quality is below customer expectations in all markets with 60 percent experiencing problems with mobile data and application usage, said Nokia.

In emerging markets, 49 percent of customers consider billing as the most important factor when deciding to stay with an operator, with network and service quality following at 25 percent.

For in-transition markets, the importance of network and service quality jumps up to 37 percent. In mature markets, quality drops to 29 percent, giving way to customer care which is now at 18 percent.

75 percent of customers consider security to be the operator’s responsibility. Of those 89 percent who think security is important, 40 percent are likely to churn in case of security issues. 40 percent are also willing to pay extra for security protection.



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