DIHAT: Differential Integrator Handover Algorithm with TTT window for LTE-based systems

8 Oct

Handover is one of the key operations in the mobility management of long-term evolution (LTE)-based systems. Hard handover decided by handover margin and time to trigger (TTT) has been adopted in third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) LTE with the purpose of reducing the complexity of network architecture. Various handover algorithms, however, have been proposed for 3GPP LTE to maximize the system goodput and minimize packet delay. In this paper, a new handover approach enhancing the existing handover schemes is proposed. It is mainly based on the two notions of handover management: lazy handover for avoiding ping-pong effect and early handover for handling real-time services. Lazy handover is supported by disallowing handover before the TTT window expires, while early handover is supported even before the window expires if the rate change in signal power is very large. The performance of the proposed scheme is evaluated and compared with two well-known handover algorithms based on goodput per cell, average packet delay, number of handovers per second, and signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio. The simulation with LTE-Sim reveals that the proposed scheme significantly enhances the goodput while reducing packet delay and unnecessary handover.

The complete article is available as a provisional PDF. The fully formatted PDF and HTML versions are in production.

Source: http://jwcn.eurasipjournals.com/content/2014/1/162/abstract


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