5G Network Architecture 5G Network Architecture – A High-Level Perspective

27 Jul



  • A Cloud-Native 5G Architecture is Key
  • to Enabling Diversified Service Requirements
  • 5G Will Enrich the Telecommunication Ecosystem
    • The Driving Force Behind Network Architecture Transformation
    • The Service-Driven 5G Architecture
  • End-to-End Network Slicing for Multiple
  • Industries Based on One Physical Infrastructure
  • Reconstructing the RAN with Cloud
  • 1 Multi-Connectivity Is Key to High Speed and Reliability
  • 2 MCE
  • Cloud-Native New Core Architecture
  • 1 Control and User Plane Separation Simplifies the Core Network
  • 2 Flexible Network Components Satisfy Various Service Requirements
  • 3 Unified Database Management
  • Self-Service Agile Operation
  • Conclusion:
  • Cloud-Native Architecture is the Foundation of 5G Innovation

Download: 5G-Nework-Architecture-Whitepaper-en


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