The world is preparing for the 5G network – the future mobile platforms

19 Dec

Only 5 years after the first 4G smartphone appeared on the market, telecom operators in developed countries are putting technology to bring to hand the user 5G.


Basically, the “G” stands for the “Generation” (understood as generation). Thus 5G will be the 5th generation of technology for wireless data connectivity.

Currently, there are no formal criteria to determine which network becomes 5G afford. However, according to chairman of AT & T (USA), Mr. Bill Smith, the first standard for 5G will be published in 2018, followed by those standards globally by 2019. However, the Researchers have made predictions about what 5G and associated data loading speed of it, thanks to the projects that the company 5G technologies and carriers are testing.

Mobile Internet Networks fifth generation is expected to be a platform World Wide Wireless Web (wwww) perfect to connect anywhere on earth. A wireless world really, where we can access through the Internet without encountering barriers, restrictions in terms of space and time. In essence, the 5G network has developed on the basis of the 4G but at a higher level. 5G network will support the LAS-CDMA (Large Area Synchronized Code Division Multiple Access), UWB (Ultra Wideband), Network-LMDS (Local Multipoint Distribution Service), IPv6, and BDMA (Beam Division Multiple Access).


With support from a variety of platforms, users can connect simultaneously to multiple devices over the wireless network and easily switch back and forth quickly without encountering any obstacle. These devices can use different mobile networks such as 2.5G, 3G, 4G or 5G, Wi-Fi, WPAN or any other access technologies appear in the future.


It is expected that some 50 billion devices capable network in 2020 and the problem of finding a mobile technology platform is capable of connecting all devices.

5G is faster 40 times than 4G network

This means, if the 4G network allows download a 3D film in 6 minutes, the 5G network will help accomplish this in just 6 seconds.


However, some on the newly launched through scientific experiments, 5G network speed will be faster in real life, but not “terrible” way. Nokia, one of the important factors of war 5G networks in the future, believing that the actual maximum speed will be around 100 MB 5G / sec, ie 4 times the maximum speed of 4G. Since it can support around 10 thousand users simultaneously.


5G networks will use frequencies 73.000 MHz

While the majority of telecommunication networks are now operating under the 700-3500 MHz frequency, tests showed 5G networks will use 73.000 MHz frequency. The advantage of high frequency data download speed will be improved significantly. However, the weakness of the data transmission distance will be reduced, meaning that a lot of 5G network stations have been built.


This has created a huge technical problems for the telecommunications business. That is why instead of complete replacement, the network will operate additional 5G with 4G. In buildings or crowded areas, using 5G will help improve the speed of data downloads, while in outlying areas, 4G seems to be the only option.

At present, there is not yet an official answer about 5G network deployment time, but expected, will try addiction at the winter Olympic Games 2018 in Korea and later deployed in sync on some water 2020.



One Response to “The world is preparing for the 5G network – the future mobile platforms”

  1. halit kaya June 15, 2017 at 7:06 am #

    Hi, How you can say 73.000 MHz for 5G network, On the internet, you can’t see any spesific 5G network value.

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