5G Wireless Backhaul Networks: Challenges and Research Advances

6 Feb

5G Wireless Backhaul Networks:
Challenges and Research Advances by
Xiaohu Ge, Hui Cheng, Mohsen Guizani, and Tao Han
This paper was published on IEEE Network • November/December 2014

Lets see some abstract section of this paper:
5G networks are expected to achieve gigabit-level throughput in future cellular networks.
However, it is a great challenge to treat 5G wireless backhaul traffic in an
effective way. In this article, we analyze the wireless backhaul traffic in two typical
network architectures adopting small cell and millimeter wave communication technologies.
Furthermore, the energy efficiency of wireless backhaul networks is compared
for different network architectures and frequency bands. Numerical
comparison results provide some guidelines for deploying future 5G wireless backhaul
networks in economical and highly energy-efficient ways.

So lets download this full paper:
Download Link : 5GBACKHAUL

Source: http://myitzn.blogspot.nl/2015/02/5g-wireless-backhaul-networks.html


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