Qualcomm’s 5G Vision

5 Jan

Mobile is the largest technology platform in history 1 ~7B connections (~3.5B subs) — GSMA Intelligence, Apr. ’14. ~7 billion connections, almost as many as people on earth1 More prevalent than electricity or running water in some regions Evolving into Internet of Everything: cars, meters, sensors, health devices, etc. At the center of breakthrough experiences like 4K UHD video

Mobile has made a leap every ~10 years D-AMPS, GSM, IS-95 (CDMA) 2GDigital voice LTE, LTE Advanced 4GFaster and better MBB WCDMA/HSPA+, CDMA2000/EV-DO 3GMobile broadband 3 AMPS, NMT, TACS 1G Analog voice

Mobile surpassed fixed-line, then PC Human communication Era of mobile phones Primary communication device Era of Smartphones Center of new experiences and services 4 Smartphone installed base surpassed PC (desktops, notebooks, premium ultramobiles) in 2013 (Gartner, Mar. ’14), Fixed connections per ITU, mobile per GSMA. MBB per GSMA, Jul. ’14; Fixed connections: BB per WBIS, Oct. ’14

5G to meet needs beyond today’s trends Mainly addressed by 3G/4G/Wi-Fi and its evolution More video Richer content like 4K Video of mobile traffic will be video by 20173 ~2/3 More devices Smartphones Cumulative smartphone shipments forecast between 2014-20181 ~8B Interconnected device forecast in 20202 ~ 25B More things Connected More data Small cells from ~2010 to the 2020’ies 1,000x 1Gartner Mar’14 2Machina Research/GSMA, Dec. ’12. 3Cisco, Feb. ‘13

Can we predict the world in 2025? To maximize the opportunity, we need a user-centric approach—around human, thing, machine 6 Communication Also to control and discover Best effort data Also ultra reliable and aware services Device as end-points Also new ways of connecting everything

Download documentation: 5G Qualcomm

Source: http://www.slideshare.net/allabout4g/qualcomms-5g-vision

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