Telecommunications: Insights for 2015

11 Nov

Throughout the past few years, we’ve personally witnessed significant changes in the global telecoms marketplace. According to several studies, mobile technology and smart devices are expected to continue leading the way for the telecoms industry well into 2015, especially considering the fact that the number of mobile subscribers is estimated to outnumber the global population. What else can we expect for the future of global business telecommunications?




Guest Blog Image #1 – Rise of the Cloud: Usage of offsite data storage continues to climb and more businesses will gain internal space by stowing their information in the cloud. This will also increase global connectivity, efficiency, reliability and speed.

#2 – Same Thing, Different Place: Mobile icons are just as recognizable as numbers and letters nowadays, but you will start to see them in different locations. Smartphone apps are appearing in cars and on new wearable devices making them more mobile than ever before.

#3 – More Connectivity: Aside from the 550,000 miles of undersea cabling that connects the internet globally, the 4G networks will continue to be embraced by even more oversea countries. This will increase the number of “hot-spots” all over the world.

#4 – Traffic Forecasts: With more wireless connectivity will come more online traffic. Luckily, Wi-Fi speed has increased keeping pace with the releases of new mobile devices.

Guest Blog Image 2

#5 – Rise of the Machine to Machine (M2M): Along with our hand-held devices increasing their speed and connectivity, the machines are also keeping pace. Global M2M numbers in 2014 were estimated at 45 billion dollars and expected to reach almost 200 billion by 2020.

#6 – The Global Telecom Consumer in 2020: One example of the wireless, global customer in 2020, will be interaction with their “smart home” being more commonplace and connectable from almost anyplace on the planet. With the greater affordability of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) low-income families shouldn’t be left out in the cold.

#7 – The Exploding App Market: Another global communication technology set for record growth is the online App marketplace. The number of downloads in 2015 is expected to reach almost 180 million and continue to explode to over 260 million by 2017.

#8 – Communication Integration: Expect to see more integration with different forms of communication technologies such as VoIP and ISP. Much of this will be used to support the expanding BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept.

#9 – Big Data: This technological infrastructure is also set to expand exponentially in the next few years and have a positive impact on everything from cloud storage to the M2M market. For example, in 2013, executives in the US were most commonly using M2M to communicate more effectively with their customers.

#10 – Even Bigger Future Beyond 2015: While in 2013, there were 2.7 billion people were using the internet, by 2020 that number is forecasted to reach 24 billion.

We never know what the future truly has in store for us, but one thing is for certain, there will be a greater global reach for businesses through this kind of technology.

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