VoIP Billing System

1 Aug

With the advancement of technology in telecommunication and improvement in the services of multimedia sessions, voice traffic has increased in huge amount, which presents a challenging situation for the service providers to meet the expected demands of customers and to optimize the network available.

voip billing systemvoip billing

The growing names in the industry has come up with feasible solutions for the arising issue, one such name is AdoreInfotech, which provides VoIP solutions to maximize the resources available by the latest technologies. VoIP is abbreviation of Voice –Over-Internet-Protocol, which is a technologically advanced method to be used through internet for delivering voice communication and multimedia sessions.


Adoreinfotech has developed with the VoIP billing solutions that has been designed keeping in mind the demands and expectation in a telecom sector. VoIP Billing software can be implemented as a Customer Management system to collects, rates, taxes and bills voice and related services. We cater all issues related to VoIP; we have experts in our team to handle all the software related issues and gives the best of VoIP solutions. VoIP software is a need of all telecom industry whether large or small. VoIP is also available on many smartphones, personal computers and on internet enabled devices and helps calls and SMS with the availability of Wi-Fi or 3G connections.


The VoIP billing Software of Adoreinfotech has come with a competitive edge in the market and has been enhanced with the blend and integration of various functionality. With a keen focus on the development of VoIP and the related products, company has specialized with a business strategy in the development of related VoIP products as per the customized demand of the market to make modular VoIP billing software.

Adoreinfotech has set standards to deal in VoIP billing software with a strategy to deliver the best, our focus lies on the specifications of our customers, with this in mind , Adoreinfotech has devised special designed software with competitive rates for the users.

Source: http://softphonevoip.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/voip-billing-system/


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