Ericsson demonstrated 5G with 5Gb / s

3 Jul

Ericsson has been actively involved in the development of mobile communication technologies of the fifth generation. During testing laboratory 5G Ericsson in Sweden unable to transmit data at a rate of 5Gb / s. The demonstration was attended by representatives of the Japanese operator NTT Docomo and South Korean SKTelecom, who already announced the testing 5G.

393054 Ericsson demonstrated 5G with 5Gb / s

According to Ericsson Mobility Report, namely Japan and South Korea are leading in the number of LTE-connections. Thus, in Japan, this rate exceeds 30%, whereas in South Korea it has already crossed the 50% mark. In LTE-leaders also gradually emerging and North America: in 2019 about 85% of mobile subscriptions in the country will be on networks LTE. Such a high level of penetration of LTE shows the willingness of these regions to become the first markets where the services will be launched 5G. In Ericsson confident that further growth in data traffic and the active dissemination of M2M communications will be a powerful stimulus for the growth of the market 5G.

In the demonstration were presented the possibility of a new air interface in the process of development, and record the results of the MIMO-enhanced technology. While working on the 5G Ericsson pays great attention to the development of new antennas, allowing the use of a wider range of frequencies and minimize delays in data transmission. Especially for testing 5G base stations have been designed with the new module BBU (Base Band Unit) and the radio module (Radio Unit). For the development of 5G and are critical in the development and technology of small cells (in the architecture of heterogeneous networks), new frequency bands (including the range of 15 GHz) and transport networks with high bandwidth.



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