Turn your I Pad into a Smartphone with VoIP

9 Jun

Apple is all set to launch I Pad 3 with new set of features and facilities. However, it was the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that eventually turned the I Pad into a phone for millions of owners around the world. Surely, I Pad VoIP has turned the niche tablet to an amazing Smartphone. Now, with your I Pad you too can stay connected with the world, make cheap calls and exchange multimedia with your family and friends irrespective of where they are. And of course, turning your I Pad to Smartphone using VoIP is no rocket science. It’s really very easy.

What is needed?

For a great calling experience with I Pad using VoIP, you would require a superior quality voice input and output device. Though I Pad does come with an integrated microphone and speakers, it would be inconvenient to hold it too close to yourself to communicate. Thus, it is best advised to use an external output and input device, say a 3.5 mm stereo plus microphone headset. If you can afford a Bluetooth headset, the merrier it would be. Try not to compromise with the quality of the headsets as they would play a critical role in the quality of calls made using I Pad VoIP.

Fast Internet Connection

For making free calls, you would need a good internet connection with adequate bandwidth. Slower and low bandwidth connection would directly hamper the quality of the calls and sometimes you might find it difficult to establish a call at all. Though GSM, WI-Fi and 2G internet connections are quite popular among the masses, , it is best advised to use 3G connectivity to make use of I Pad VoIP anywhere under the sky. Choose of a good 3G service provider and go for an unlimited 3G data plan as voice calls consume loads of data.


VoIP Apps

To make it easier, many VoIP service providers have launched specific applications in the market to allow internet enabled device owners make free calls. Apple’s I Store has many VoIP applications that one can download and install post registration with the service provider. Most of these applications are free and compatible with all internet enabled devices. For I Pad choose those applications that have excellent reputation for I Pad and Apple’s iOS.


With telecom industry changing every day and with newer inventions popping up in the market now and then, the end-consumer will have plethora of options in near future. As of today, VoIP technology rules the market for being cheapest and compatible on wide range of devices. So go for VoIP. Go for smarter and cheaper calls.

Source: http://jemstonga.wordpress.com/2014/06/09/turn-your-i-pad-into-a-smartphone-with-voip/


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