Ericsson Multi Activation

30 May


Speed activation for all network and service types through automated processing on a single platform with Ericsson Multi Activation.

Ericsson Multi Activation Overview

Today’s demanding market must support high transaction volumes of increasingly complex services. Activation can be a bottleneck in customer as well as network provisioning. Many operators typically use a different activation system for each service type, creating individual “stove pipes” that lead to high development and maintenance costs. When multiple isolated service activation systems are used, data can easily become out of sync with network inventory and other systems. And the rigid architectures typical of legacy activation systems hamper new service introduction, slow down the development of adapters and require higher cost to handle newer technologies.

Ericsson Multi Activation helps overcome these challenges. It consolidates all service activation needs onto a single, flexible platform that allows operators to automate and manage all network and service activation activities. It supports any type of network, service or application scenario, regardless of the underlying technology or equipment.

What is Multi Activation?

Ericsson Multi Activation is a flow-through provisioning platform for rapid and automated activation of customer services in a heterogeneous network environment. It supports the activation of consumer and business services, and core and transport network services in both fixed and mobile domains. Ericsson Multi Activation provides activation design, execution and assurance functionality to enable automated end-to-end provisioning and activation. It has a robust a provisioning framework and transaction engine to process all types of service activation requests.

Ericsson Multi Activation may be deployed as an integrated component of the Ericsson Fulfillment suiteFulfillment suite or directly integrated with any third-party OSS/BSS. It supports mobile services including 2G/3G, LTE and VoLTE in both classic and layered core networks, as well as fixed services such as multi-play, Ethernet and IP/VPN. Key features include:

  • SI-friendly integration capabilities. The Ericsson Multi Activation software development kit enables easy integration with northbound OSS/BSS to handle service activation orders, and with southbound network technologies to perform the request.
  • Robust transaction engine. The engine supports service activation request handling, orchestration, mediation, scheduling, rollback, re-try and advanced error handling, all out of the box.
  • Powerful design tools. A graphical work flow engine and Java-based design tool allow for rapid creation and modification of services for faster time to market.
  • Pre-verified application packages. Ericsson Multi Activation releases are synchronized with updates to related Ericsson network and BSS products, supporting VoLTE and other new technologies from day one.


Why use Multi Activation?

Ericsson Multi Activation is used by more than 240 operators for the provisioning needs of over two billion subscribers worldwide. You benefit from Ericsson experience gained during these deployments, involving voice and data applications collectively supported by more than 200 multi-vendor node types. Consider Ericsson Multi Activation as your service activation solution if you want to:

  • Speed new services to market. Benefit from Ericsson Multi Activation’s pre-integration with most Ericsson wireless network products and over 200 non-Ericsson network element and application types, for off-the-shelf support and flexible adaptation.
  • Achieve high activation success rates. Gain support for high-volume transactions with high availability and advanced error handling. Ericsson Multi Activation is a high-performance product that provides a very low fallout ratio.
  • Protect OSS/BSS from network changes. Get a logical abstraction of the network toward the OSS/BSS, making implementation of different vendor technologies and new network element releases invisible to those systems.
  • Minimize revenue leakage. Use the system’s consistency checking tool for reliable activation and provisioning assurance.



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