Diabolo Tests

26 May


Figure.1 Diablo Test 1

The above is the result of the first test with diablo III:


Qinit =5 pkts
Q then set to = 0,1,2,5,8,10 pkts
Q change interval = 2 mins
Q bw range from 10k to 200k


the throughput of the game is quite low roughly around 30-50kbps. Diablo III is not link aggressive.


This setup is not good to see the effects of buffersize change because of extra allocated bw which has way too much bw to spend. Also, it wastes precious bw resources.


buffersize = 0 is a wrong setup, that means no packets will be received in this Q.


Figure.2 Diablo Test 2

Test2 shows some interesting results:


Qinit =5 pkts
Q then set to = 1,2,5,8,10 pkts
Q change interval = 2 mins

(for example 0-120s qsize=5, 120-240 qsize=1, 240-360 qsize=2, 360-480 qsize=5, 480-600 qsize=8, 600-800 qsize = 10)

Q bw range from 1k to 30k


the delay and drop rate of the game is changing due to the change of the buffersize
buffersize = 1 pkts doesn’t mean it has a good quality due to high packets drop
buffersize = 8 pkts seems to be better than 5 and 10 as shown on the graph so as the play experience

I hope we can somehow adapt the allocated bw as well as the buffersize based on delay and drop rate to find the best allocated bw rather than guess it.

By doing so, the software would find the most suitable bw as well as buffersize for operation,  ensuring user experiences as well as saving more bw resources.

Source: http://networkperformance2014.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/diabloiii-tests/


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