What is VoIP?

15 May

You’re at an internet café and get an important business call–on your laptop. You’re on the road and receive an urgent voice mail–in your e-mail inbox. Welcome to the world of voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

What is VoIP?

VoIP abbreviation of Voice over Internet Protocol or commonly called digital phone is one part of the transmission technology for transmitting voice communication via the internet, such as IP or packet-switched networks. By using VoIP, we can perform telephone calls via an internet connection, is no longer using conventional telephone lines that did the transmission was analog. Some VoIP services can only be used to make calls to other people using the same service. But there’s also a VoIP service can make calls to anyone via phone number, local, long-distance, mobile phone number-even internationally.

To know more clearly what is VoIP? you can learn the advance mechanism of VoIP and the principle it works on its own. VoIP essentially functioned in a way convert or alter your voice which is the analog signal into a digital signal that is transmitted over the internet. Unlike conventional phone that transmits your voice either electrical signals via cable. VoIP can be used directly through a special VoIP phone, computer or conventional phone that is connected using a special tool called a VoIP adapter.

what is voip phone What is VoIP?

VoIP services generally can be divided into four, namely:

  1. Computer To Computer

This service is a voice service call using the computer as a communication device. By using the specific service on the internet we can use our computer has been connected to the internet to make calls to other computers that use the same service. You can find many VoIP providers on the internet; one of the services that supports voice calls over the internet is Yahoo Messenger. By using Yahoo messenger we can do a voice call with fellow users. You can choose an alternative service that supports voice calls over the internet such as MSN messenger or Skype. Computer-to-computer VoIP service can be done for free, you just simply provide an internet connection on your computer.

  • Computer To Phone

This service were which allows us make any of a computer to phone, be it fixed telephone (PSTN) or (mobile phone cellular phone). This service also requires service providers on the internet. One service provider this is Skype. This service also not free like the service computer to computer VoIP, service needs this cost to be purchased beforehand the prepaid). Manner of using this service is not so hard. First, we must have account in service provider related usually make account not in pick up charges. Then we bought a credit or it could be also called pulse, which later will be used to make calls to phones. Calls made to phone numbers not only local, but calls can be made to dial internationally around the world. And also, we can make calls to landlines or mobile phones. The rates used in reference to the service provider.

what is voip and how does it work What is VoIP?

  • Phone To Computer

VoIP service call is a service which allows you to make calls from your phone to your computer. Yet another service provider that supports this service one is Skype. When we have a Skype account, we can also have what is called Online Number. Online number that later can be in contact from any telephone.

  • Phone To Phone

The service is performed using a special phone or conventional phone that connects with the VoIP adapter. To use this service, we must use the service provider’s phone to phone VoIP. One of these service providers is the Phone Power. With this service we can make calls anywhere around the world using tools that support.

How do you already understand what is VoIP right? Now it’s time to try it yourself with colleagues. Good try your VoIP!

what is voip used for What is VoIP?

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