Learning Hadoop – Resources

15 May

  1. Free videos – MapR Academia
  2. Udacity course
  3. Hortonworks Sandbox
  4. Hadoop Ecosystem
  5. Running Hadoop Map-Reduce
  6. Hadoop Screencasts
  7. Reza Shiftehfar’s blog I
  8. Reza Shiftehfar’s blog II
  9. Reza Shiftehfar’s blog III
  10. Reza Shiftehfar’s blog IV
  11. Reza Shiftehfar’s blog V
  12. Reza Shiftehfar’s blog VI
  13. Reza Shiftehfar’s blog VII
  14. Deploying Storm on Hadoop for Advertising Analysis
  15. Hadoop classes by Cloudera
  16. EMC classes: Big Data, Analytics, Data Science
  17. Simulated Hadoop

Source: http://sriramjithendra.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/learning-hadoop-resources/


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