5 Signs for a bad M2M connectivity agreement

28 Apr

simM2M and IoT solutions are in many ways all the same; a unique problem and a unique solution. “Where is my truck at the moment? Is my office protected well tonight? How is the patient doing?” All these questions are unique for a customer but there are some common rules that every M2M/IoT solution can benefit from. The solution collects some kind of data, communicates it back to a data centre, the company performs some kind of analysis and compares the results against expected or past performance levels.

Connectivity, in this business flow, is one of the crucial components. While every M2M/IoT solution is specific, there are common needs for a trusted connectivity provider who will cope with your business requirements. But how do you recognize them? I will try to give you 5 big mistakes that will increase your M2M connectivity costs.

1- Fixed contract terms and commitments

Do you need to sign a commitment letter to get best prices? Then you are in trouble. A trusted M2M connectivity provider should be able to fit into your business model. You should be able to turn your SIM cards in active or de-active mode whenever you need and you should be billed only if the SIMs are active.

So, do not sing a fixed deal. Look for flexibility and different price plans to match with your business model.

2- Un-flexible rate plans

Do you have pre-defined pre-decided price plans matched with your SIM cards? With such plans, it is not a question of if, but when, you will incur expensive overage due to many different reasons. With per-device rate plans you are stuck on your M2M connectivity provider’s hand. You as a customer should be able to change price plans whenever you want and you should be billed only for the actual usage, not based on fixed price plans.

3- Complex roaming fees

Do you know what does it cost per network per country? Is it easy for you to understand and predict your costs? Your roaming pricing should be very simple and predictable.

4- Can you do remote diagnostics?
Does your connectivity provider enable you to do your own error corrections or diagnostics? You should be able to see what the problem is and how to solve it? This is crucial for most of the M2M/IoT products as your customer are depended on your solution for them. So you need to solve the problems quickly and take quick actions.

5- Can you automate your flows?

Can you define pro-active alarms and automatic rate-plan changes based on the situation of the SIM? What happens someone physically attacks your device out in the market? What do you do when a SIM consumes much more than it should normally consume? Can you automate your business flows based on the usage, situation or location of the SIM? You should be able to do that and it should be for free, of course!

Traditional operators around the globe promise the lowest rates and quality, but is this really the case? I am at Amsterdam today meeting some customer and I should say, I am surprised how un-flexible and pre-defined services they are served with. I think your company needs a reliable and predictable M2M/IoT connectivity service provider that can help your business to grow. Do you need to know more about how to lower your M2M connectivity costs, please go ahead and contact me.

Source: http://celikalper.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/5-signs-for-a-bad-m2m-connectivity-agreement/


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