IoT Infographic Required

1 Apr


If you are following the evolution of the Internet of Things through the web and other media, you have undoubtedly seen one or more infographics.

It seems that everyone is publishing an infographic depicting their version or vision of IoT. Since infographics are not cheap or easy to create, most are coming from corporations, foundations, academia or well-funded startups.

There are typically two goals with infographics no matter the source. First and foremost, the publisher focuses on the aspect of IoT that they are trying to influence. In other words, what kind of emphasis, supporting data or spin puts their IoT concept, product or service in the best light. Second, most publishers try to make their infographic informative and helpful to the reader.

Here is a short list of some current IoT infographics that I found useful.

A guide to the Internet of Things. How billions of online objects are making the web wiser.


What exactly is the Internet of Things?



During 2008, the number of things connected to the Internet exceeded the number of people on earth.


How the Internet of Things is raising your IQ.


Best Computer Science DegreesBest Computer Science Degrees
The Internet of Things. Heading towards a smart planet.


The above represent just a few of the many IoT infographics in circulation. If you have a favorite Internet of Things infographic, please post the author, title and web link in the ‘comment’ section below. I plan to update this blog post with the top suggestions from readers.




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