8 Key Changing Factors That Will Grow IoT

17 Feb
Growth of IoT

The Internet of Things (IOT) is driven by change in the following nine Key Areas:


  1. The explosion of Apps for anything and everything
  2. Increased growth of Big Data and Analytics
  3. Standarization of IPv6; Huge increase in available IP addresses
  4. Mainstream of Cloud and Smart Devices  (who store data in cloud, think smart meter)
  5. Trend of App Developers to push artificial intelligence from the App Lay to the network layer (or Cloud)
  6. Consumerization of enriched experiences with devices or things (think i-watch)
  7. Ever increasing network speeds at reducing rates.
  8. Nanotechnology

Add the human colaboration on top if, empowered by much if not all of the above, and a strong platform or movement is visibile!

source: http://www.cisco.com / http://insidedevices.org/2014/02/16/8-factors-that-will-grow-iot/


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