Donovan says the IoT is “hitting its stride”

27 Jan

Writing for Mouser Electronics, John Donovan says the future Internet will primarily be the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Internet of Everything (IoE). As Donovan notes, the IoT is enabled by machine-to-machine communication between devices, which in this case, are communicating over the Internet.

“[These] connected devices have embedded intelligence that enable them to monitor and analyze data and take action without human intervention, although humans set up, monitor and ultimately control these networks,” he explains.

“Machine intelligence makes IoT systems a lot more efficient by performing operations that can be done more quickly, consistently, and reliably than systems that require humans to sample, analyze and act on information.”

As Donovan points out, utility companies were early participants in the Internet of Things (IoT) in the form of the smart grid. New smart appliances, including air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators, are now capable of reducing consumption during peak loads and powering up when demand on the grid slacks off. 

Meanwhile, health and fitness buffs are wearing devices that record their heart rate and the distance they run, with data sent to PC and cloud for analysis. Wearable wireless medical devices include accelerometers to warn of falls, EKGs for heart monitoring and insulin pumps (glucose monitors) for diabetics.

“Each of these devices can connect to a mobile phone or PC via Bluetooth and an IoT back end to upload data to servers at medical offices,” says Donovan. “End-to-end solutions in health monitoring are quickly becoming a reality with standards and regulatory bodies no longer dragging their feet.”

Perhaps most importantly, the IoT is also changing the very nature of the Internet itself. As Donovan points out, Web 1.0 consisted of static web pages, while Web 2.0 ushered in dynamic web pages and interactive social media.

“Now the simultaneous explosion of connected devices and cloud-based software services is ushering in Web 3.0, where there will be the ability to interact seamlessly with machines – so much so that the current generation of children will take it for granted,” Donovan adds. “The future Internet will be fully integrated with the Internet of Things. Are you ready for it? Your machines are.”



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