IMS Connect

20 Jan

This is one of the trending topics in this new era of mainframe development. If you are a mainframe junkie like me, then I’m sure you would know that our clients are consistently and always looking to connect with the new age client applications (written in Java, C etc.) with mainframe and its databases.  And often we have fought the same battle of integrating many middleware/brokers to see the job done. I think IMS connect can be one of the key IMS service function which will give us an upper hand in this fight.

IMS connect programming model is a gateway which provides access to IMS through TCP/IP. With help of IMS connect you can now access IMS databases and transactions services from any TCP/IP client.

–          IMS connect interacts with IMS DB through ODBM(Open Database Manager) component and it interacts with IMS TM through OTMA(Open tansaction Manager Access).

–          IMS connect reduces the design and coding effort for the client applications.

–          When managed tactically IMS connect can provide work load balancing.

–          IMS connect can also provide XML conversion support, thereby reducing the need to create/modify IMS applications to read and process the XML messages.

–          IMS connect can also be configured to incorporate the additional security featured products like RACF,AT-TLS etc.


For my employer we are putting together a ‘proof of concept’ on areas where IMS connect can help reduce the design constraints and even increase the processing time by eliminating the brokers/middleware in between. So far we are uncovering few challenges like need for additional servers to distribute the load, conversion of message formats etc but signs are looking good and am ‘all in’ on this one.




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