RFID: Human Tracking

12 Nov

– In Osaka, Japan school childrens’ garments are being chipped with RFID.

– A monitoring system in Doncaster England, tracks kids by radio chips placed in their uniforms.

– Club owner, Conrad Chase offered his VIP members RFID implants to for club access, identification and alternative method to pay for drink tabs.

-U.S. Heathcare had adopted methods of using both active and passive RFID technology to collect and monitor patient medical activity for nearly a decade.

               We’ve embraced the rapid pace of modernization as expected. The boom of technology, introduced then used on a daily basis has become our reality…. the new industrial revolution. The analog generations are passe’, relics.  To be a techie in some aspect is the norm. Big Brother assimulates new technology into our culture with such ease that we must conform or will be left behind. Tech-literacy. Tech-capable–(or whatever applicable term) it’s extremely difficult to go anywhere without being reliant on some form of new age gadget. On no certain grounds should modernization be abandoned or humane motives for new invention be interrupted. As with any invention that becomes mass produced or distributed, its purpose or use always reflects the morals of it user or the state that impliments it. Modernization for the sole purpose of enhancing the productivity of life, persuades us to jump aboard. And this is the angle in which the state employs for us to cosign. However there exists another side, a darker half to which we apply our inventions that prove to be a danger to society.  Example: (Splitting the atom—Nuclear Energy–Hiroshima). From tools used for hunting and trapping game to modifying those tools used for war and torture, moral judment remain at the forefront–our actions should follow.

                This article unveils RFID technology…more specifically, RFID for human tacking. Again the state is faced with the challenge of using technology effectively or abusing the powers we give them. I predict the latter will happen.

RFID. Radio Frequency Identification: What is it?

         RFID is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency electromangnetic fields to transfer data, for the purpose of automatically identifying and tracking objects attached to it. In short, a tracking device. You don’t have to like it, but you’d better get accustomed to its use and the laws in place for RFID’s future. This is not a myth. It’s fact. RFID is here.

         Two way radio trasmiter-receivers called readers, send a signal to the RFID tag to retrieve stored data or seral numbers assigned to that specific tag. There are active, passive and battery assisted passive (BAP) RFID units. Active tags have a battery that periodically transmits the information on the chip. Passive battery assisted is dormant  until scanned with a reader to receive or transmit data. Passive tags are dormant and must be strongly “illuminated” in order to function which exposes the object to a higher level of radiation.

          Without providing specifics of its technology, RFID is comprised of two parts: an integrated circuit for storing and processing data, modulating or demodulating a radio frequency that collects the DC power from a reader, and an antennae for signal reception and trasmission. 

           If you own one one of the following: -A cell phone, car with an anti-theft system, CPU or portable versions, passport, credit card, metro/transportation card…any item of retail, chances are you’ve already been equipped with a trackable device. Techies coin the phrase “on the grid.” Today, RFID can be planted or implanted anywhere or anything. The smallest RFID to date is called smart-dust generated by Hitachi. At Bristol University in 2009, RFID tags were successfully strapped to the backs of ants to monitor their behavior patterns.

          RFID technology has come far since it’s early, primitive concept in 1945 by Leon Theremin. Mario Cardullo improved on the device in 1973 which, is considered the truest ancestor of modern RFID technology. The uses for RFID (rather the RFD-like) devices during that time were used primarily for military espionage purposes. It’s civilian use came a decade later. The transition from military useage to civilian is of no surprise. Communism is Big Government a government whos citizns are under constant watch. Rights to privacy are nonexistent. The United States via Homeland Security is grooming us for the next phase of RFID implementation–grooming us for a constant watch system.

          Introducing RFID technology into the general public was as gradual as its development. Manufacturers discovered that tracking production, inventory and sales could be easily done with the device. RFID became more effective than the barcode. Soon, barcoding will be phased out completely.

Currently there are 3 areas where the United States use RFID in humans (tracking)

1. RETAIL–RFID has been used for consumer products. Tags have ben placed in shoes, clothes, warehouse inventory, cell phones, cars (assembly lines, security) predominatly for collecting sales information and pinpointing geographic sales reports for future product generation.

2. DOCUMENTATION–passports (as of 2006), books, credit cards, driver’s license (New York, Washington, Vermont and Michigan), identification cards (schools, universities), employee access badges, bank cards.

3. MEDICAL– RFID tags implants to be used to collect and transmit medical information for patients. Aprox 3,000 are chipped (globally). Medical industry discovered the rice grain (often smaller) sized tag encased with surgical glass can be easily placed under the skin or between tissue, monitoring patient activity.


             Steps for RFID for human tracking made major gains in the last decade. It came with THE RECONCILIATION ACT passed by the U.S. Senate March 25th 2010 after being passed by the House of Representatives on the 21st. This bill states in section 2521 (of 2300 page document) that a National Medical Device Registry should be established collecting data from medical devices such as pacemakers. The FDA in 2004 approved the Verichip for the purpose of storing medical records electronically. The device was classified as a Class II implanatble medical device. According to the bill, the chip is to be linked to “post-market safety patient outcome data.”

          This type of “smoke screen” policy is how citizens willingly surrender their civil liberties. Introduce new technology to the masses as a measure of safety, conveince and protection. Use terms such as “life-saving”, “caution” “preventive.” New bills, introduced after a catastrophic event in order to utilize a timely approach on American or foreign policy. A cunning and tactical approach to betray citizens–use their emotions against them. Move the chess pieces along the board which so happens to be the hearts of humanity.

          Harvard graduate, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, in her book “Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plans To Track Your Every Move with RFID”, claims that the government is trying to create what is called “the internet of things”, where everything and everyone will be chipped with a serial number.

        National Identification cards have already been distributed in parts of China. The Communist government has already ordered over a billion RFID units for various uses. Shenzhen, China (near Hong Kong) is considered the Big Brother surveillance capitol of the world, using closed circuit television systems with face recognition software and RFID cards for popuation monitoring. A high-tech security company has already started creating residential permits (national identification cards) required to be carried by all citizens.


Being reactive has always been effective to our legislature, espcially in the height of crisis or terror alerts. Laws that continue to infringe and erode privacy rights will continue. It will be something we’ll ask for.

Imagine this: A National Identifical Card that contains: DOB, Social Security. Birthplace, Name, Citizenship, Race, Employment History, Bank Records, Investiment Information, Criminal Background, Travel History, Religious Affiliation, Medical History, Credit History, Sexual Orientation.

Worst yet, what if your information was hacked and you’re given another identity or wiped completely off the grip…a “NO ONE?”  The technology for RFID hacking is already in place. 


Identity Theft Protection will be our next utility bill.  

Sounds intrusive? It shouldn’t, given that the world population has enough training with sharing information via searches (Google, Yahoo, Bing), internet shopping, and social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Slow indoctrination to the will of Big Brother is the method.

            Health risks from chip implanting is an ongoing topic in medical forums. David B. Smith, author of “Using RFID Technology in Humans for Total Control”,  said implant migration, adverse tissue reaction, compromised information security, and various failures in implant function could be more detrimental to humans. And then there’s always “The Big C” that usually comes when foreign matter is introduced to the body for extended periods of time.

           Religious circles have interpreted RFID technology as “The Mark Of The Best”, the tag, implanted in the hand, giving the rights to buy and sell. They believe this chips will give The Powers that be, dominion over populations. The religious rite warns us against the “evils” of modernization–some inadvertently instill fear by use of scripture, prophetic writings and teachings. But these institutions are also factored into the system. It’s more important to note that humanity is being compromised by way of evil protocols that have beenin place for centuries.

          However you look at it, whether a believer or a skeptic, there’s enough information and evidence around us to suggest that an agenda is being masterfully executed. RFID is not only the future…it is NOW. Your Move.

Source: http://humanrescue.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/rfid-radio-frequency-identification-human-tracking/


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