Calculating and Configuring EMC Networker port range in Firewalls

12 Nov

Backup and Storage

–>Calculating and Configuring EMC Networker port range in Firewalls


host —
A NetWorker server, storage node, or client.


Service port — A port on which a server process listens for
requests to provide a service.

port =
target port = destination
port = listen port = inbound port


Connection port — A port used by a process to make requests.

Connection port = source port = outbound



NetWorker connection flow:


NetWorker configuration results in the following connection flow for scheduled


server:conn->client:7938 (nsrrpc)

server:conn->client:rpc/390113 (nsrexecd/7937)

server:conn->client:svc (save)

client:conn->server:7938 (nsrrpc)

client:conn->server:rpc/390119 (nsrexecd/7937)

client:conn->server:rpc/390436 (nsrauth/svc)

client:conn->server:rpc/390103 (nsrd/svc)

client:conn->server:rpc/390104 (nsrmmd/svc)

client:conn->server:rpc/390105 (nsrindexd/svc)



This shows a file-system backup with target device residing
directly on the backup server.


and configuring port ranges

Reserved ports:


Two of the TCP ports, 7937 and 7938, are reserved by the
NetWorker host

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