Small Cell Economics

10 Oct

WiFi is just a bridge to better cellular small-network systems become main stream with controlable spectrum assets and E2E Customer Experience Management. @ Work (2 – 4 Cells) @ Home (2 – 3 Cells) On the Go @ Home (1 – 2 Cells) On the Go 00:00 10:00 12:00 22:0017:006:00 8:00 voicedata Small Cells 14:00 Femto Cell Femto Cell Up-to 80% of all cellular data traffic generated in no more than 3 cells. Illustration.


Data traffic trend to be considered. 47% 37% 16% Home Work Mobile “SepNet” “SmallNet” and/or “FemtoNets” “CorpNet” “SmallNet” Source: Detailed data mining study, T-Mobile Netherlands 2011. SepNet = Separate network (i.e., not integrated) CorpNet = Corporate (work-based) network. SmallNet = Operator controlled heterogeneous network. Mobile Data Traffic Distribution Illustration Between 40% – 50% of all traffic occurs at Home, Other 35% to 40% at Work, & lastly no more than 20% is Mobile.





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