A Peek at 5G

10 Oct
  • Number of TD-LTE BS: reached 20,000 by the end of 2012; covering 15 cities in mainland; dual mode in HK •  Deploy 200,000 BS in 2013; at least 1M terminals Networks •  Large Scale Trial (before 2012): 6 cities •  Expanded Scale Trial (2012): 15 cities •  Commercial Network (2013): 100 cities Cities 6  TD-LTE an Example 2013/5/20
  • 5. EU  FP7    and    Horizon  2020 METIS WWRF  Vision  2020 Looking Towards 2020 3GPP  Roadmap  to  Y’2020 UK  “5G  InnovaSon  Center” China  IMT-­‐2020   5Chih-­‐Lin  I2013/5/20
  • 6. Multiple Voices NSN DoCoMo Huawei 2013/5/20



Source: http://www.slideshare.net/zahidtg/a-peek-at-5g-26915757


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