Policy Empowered Carrier Wi-Fi Control

23 Sep

Alcatel-Lucent’s recent blog post highlighted how intelligent solutions will enable Operators to leverage on both their cellular and WiFi networks to form an optimized network that offers subscribers seamless access between these two connections, increasing their connection options, improving their experience and at the same time, enabling Operators to off-load traffic to the WiFi network effectively and efficiently. The blog post, which was written by Nicholas Cadwgan (right) and Laurent Guégan (left) and published recently in Alcatel’s publications, Techzine, discusses how Alcatel’s policy empowered Carrier WiFi Control built upon

the 3GPP Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF)will assist Operators to manage carrier Wi-Fi access, in coordination with cellular access, to deliver a consistent quality of experience. The solution,Alcatel-Lucent 5780 Dynamic Services Controller (DSC) Wi-Fi Control Module, offers the industry’s first complete ANDSF-based Wi-Fi selection and control solution and enables Operators to use multi-dimensional parameters to make intelligent and dynamic carrier Wi-Fi access decisions; and Map innovative business models and access packages into network actionable policies.

Policy Empowered Carrier Wi-Fi Control

Policy Empowered Carrier Wi-Fi Control

Source – Alcatel-Lucent (Sept 13, 2013) – http://www.policychargingcontrol.com/484-policy-empowered-carrier-wi-fi-control?goback=%2Egde_136744_member_275506128#%21


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