Connecting two Mininet networks with GRE tunnel

12 Sep

Tech and Trains

Update1: I have a follow up post with some newer examples and extra which might help you debug any issues.

Update2: I have another post that show how to use Linux GRE tunnels instead of the OVS builtin GRE support.  Seems more stable.


I was wondering if there was a way to connect two separate Mininet networks, then a little while ago, I came across a post about OpenVSwitch and using GRE tunnels.  So today, I thought I would try an experiment and try and connect two separate Mininet networks that are also running in separate VMs.

First, I started two Mininet networks in the separate VMs.


  • host2
  • switch2

I use the following mininet custom topology.

from mininet.topo import Topo class MyTopo( Topo ): "Simple topology example." def __init__( self ): "Create custom topo." # Initialize topology Topo.__init__( self ) # Add hosts and switches leftHost =…

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