Moqing quick reference (Cheat Sheet)

2 Sep


This post is just a quick reference for myself, when I’ve spent a while away from TDD and want to remember some of the tricks.

Initial construction

var mockFoo = new Mock<IFoo>(MockBehavior.Strict); 

Accessing the mock object as IFoo

IFoo foo = mockFoo.Object;

Initializing the inversion of control container (StructureMap)

Generally use Configure, not Initialize. Configure is additive, Initialize is not. Here’s a complete test method showing the different ways we typically initialize.

[TestMethod()]public void TestMethod()
   var mockOrange = new Mock<IOrange>(MockBehavior.Strict);
   MyDefaultHandlerForPear pearConcretion = new MyDefaultHandlerForPear();
   ObjectFactory.Configure( x=> 
      // use mock object
     // use new class when asked
     // use an existing instance that implements IPear 

Setting up void calls

public interface IOrange{  void Peel();

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