Simplified QoS on 3850 with MQC

9 Aug

Black Art of Networking

Configuring QoS has been much improved in Cisco’s new 3850 line of switches thanks to its implementation of MQC (Modular QoS Cli) configuration instead of the old “mls qos” commands from the 3750 and 3560 lines of switches.  Here I will show just how easy it is to generate a simple QoS config to handle voice and video traffic.

First we define what traffic we would like to work with.  In this case it is voice traffic marked as dscp ef and video traffic marked as dscp af41.

class-map match-any VIDEO match ip dscp af41 class-map match-any VOICE match ip dscp ef

Easy enough. Now lets configure the policy maps to actually do something with this traffic. I will configure two separate policy maps. one for user facing ports and one for the uplinks to my distribution layer.

I would like to prioritize both voice and video traffic over everything…

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