WMM & QoS Profile

6 Aug


In this post we will see the impact of enabling or disabling WMM (Wireless Multi Media) to QoS of wireless traffic in a given WLAN.

WMM setting is based on IEEE 802.11e standard to provide QoS to wireless network. An 802.11e (or WMM) client that obtain medium access must not utilize radio resources for a duration longer than specified limit (called  transmission opportunity or TXOP). Also WMM client will classify their traffic in to four access classes (AC_VO, AC_VI, AC_BE & AC_BK). Below diagram show the difference with legacy system & WMM capable system.

Ref: Analysis of IEEE 802.11e for QoS Support in Wireless LAN

Here is the topology for our post. Wireless Phone is connected to a WLAN configured with Platinum QoS profile. Traffic flow “D” & “E” will be looked at in detail for QoS analysis while WMM is enabled & disabled on this…

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