Top 5 VoIP Quality Monitoring Services

26 Jul

VoIP surpass other telephony services in their convenience, performance and cost-effectiveness.

VoIP surpass other telephony services in their convenience, performance and cost-effectiveness.

All you need is the right gadget and a sturdy internet connection – you can access one of the best thing in modern telecommunications – VoIP. VoIP has largely replaced the traditional telephony services because it is cheaper and more accessible.

VoIP surpass other telephony services in their convenience, performance and cost-effectiveness.  You can call from anywhere in the world with little or no cost. But just having a VoIP facility is not enough, the service has to be of the optimum quality for you to enjoy its benefits.

The quality of your VoIP mostly depends on your network connection or Internet access and constant monitoring and testing is required to ensure its quality. This way you can identify the problem areas — whether it is your network or your VoIP service — and make the required refinements.

You may be an individual, a company or a service provider but you need to monitor your VoIP effectively so that you can receive top benefits from this technology. But how do you monitor your VoIP’s quality? Compare Telecom has identified some of the best online VoIP quality test and monitoring services that offers you a range of tailor-made services suited to your needs. Here is the top 5 we found.

1. VoIP Spear

There is something reassuring about a company that offers to monitor your VoIP’s efficiency. And that is what VoIPSpear does. is an online VoIP quality test and call quality monitoring service.

They access the quality of your VoIP through a system of tests and threshold checks. Along with that, they have set up alert tools so you can access the quality of your VoIP connections whenever you need to. Quality checks for single or multiple end servers from several testing servers in North America are done through a specially designed system. VoIPSpear sends pings at regular intervals to the client’s endpoints and with this, they are able to find the performance peaks and dips and come up with the Mean Opinion Scores (MOS).  The quality is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 where bad VoIP quality is 1 and excellent VoIP quality gets a 5. The score takes into account bandwidth and other performance indicators, such as latency, jitter and packet loss.

Individual with single endpoint can register for free and monitor their personal VoIP services. Businesses and service providers with multiple endpoints can get VoIP QoS after signing up for any of their packages.

2. MCS’s MyVoIP

MyVoIP testing and monitoring service is support manage automated and the connection testing is user-initiated via the browser to any online customer/location in the world. A product of Visualware, Inc., MyConnection Server (MCS) offers a wide-range of testing and monitoring services and MyVoIP is one of them. MCS’s MyVoIP simulates voice traffic over a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) connection and measures the key factors affecting VoIP call quality – jitter, packet loss, and loss distribution, and reports a MOS rating for the connection. MyVoIP also includes options to test if the remote client has established connection and monitor response times.

Users can set up the VoIP quality test via a browser test and this can be combined with a speed test and a port availability test.  MyVoIP also has options for tests conducted using remote agents controlled by support staff with minimal involvement of the customer.

3. MetaView Voice Quality Monitoring

A product of Metaswitch Networks, MetaView Voice Quality Monitoring enables you to monitor the quality of your VoIP connection. This allows you diagnose the cause of impediments in voice quality and remedy them quickly.

MetaView Voice Quality Monitoring may be used to repair a specific subscriber’s problems or to help identify more general concerns within a VoIP network. The system will alert you using configured thresholds, whenever a network problem arises.

4. SevOne

SevOne is an IT management and reporting platform, which also offers a VoIP quality monitoring service. SevOne’s VoIP Performance Monitoring lets IT organizations monitor the quality of experience for their VoIP applications from the same system and web-based console that they use to manage their network performance and availability.

SevOne’s VoIP monitoring service display call quality measurements against baselines and provide threshold-based alerts. It also enables you to view your MOS and helps you monitor the VoIP availability and response time. Using SevOne’s VoIP Performance Monitoring you can also monitor your network’s performance.

5. PacketScan

GL Communications Inc, which provides a variety of solutions for network wide monitoring and surveillance also include a VoIP quality monitor called PacketScan. GL’s PacketScan™ monitors packet flows in real-time within a VoIP network. Based in this, it provides a detailed analysis including quality of service (QOS) statistics such as MOS, total packet count, reordered, duplicate and missing packet counts, gap, jitter, and delay.

Acting as a probe, PacketScan gathers IP packet information in a non-intrusive fashion, and forwards call details and statistics to a central database. All the historic and realtime data are stored in the central database and a webserver accesses the data and allows clients across WAN to view results.

Using a web interface PacketScan Web facilitates the results and with this, the user can view real-time data, navigate through records, filter the collected VoIP traffic summary.



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