Serviceability in Hotspot

22 Jul

Zero Production Incidents

There are couple of Technologies /tools that allow Java programs to be debugged, profiled, monitored and managed. These technologies allow a tool to obtain information from the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) in a different process.

The HotSpot Virtual Machine contains several technologies that allow its operation to be observed by another Java process:

  • Performance Counters
  • Serviceability Agents
  • Monitoring & Management Interface
  • Dynamic Attach
  • DTrace
  • pstack


Hotspot JVM Performance Counters

  • HotSpot has the jvmstat perf buffer that collects a list of perf counters output from HotSpot.
  • The HotSpot JVM exports a set of instrumentation objects, or counters as they are typically called.
  • Jvmstat perf counters are created by default and are always on and are updated by Hotspot.
  • The same set of counters are not being exported by JVM at all times, as the counters depend on the arguments specified on the command line.
  • The names of these counters and…

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