HP Launches Intelligent Wi-Fi Solution – Integrates Offload, Analytics and Policy Management

27 Jun

HP announced a “.. new solution designed to help mobile network operators (MNOs) improve overall service quality and customer experience by leveraging WiFi technologies .. HP is providing a wide set of modules that can be used independently or together to enable WiFi services such as WiFi Offload .. HP’s Intelligent WiFi solutions are available worldwide with pricing based on solution size and architecture”.  

HP Intelligent WiFi Offload solutions rely on many HP sub-domains and define a wide framework
divided into five layers:

  • Access point control provides a complete range of networking products for offloading, including a large portfolio of hotspots scaling
  • Gateway and switching link WiFi traffic with the data network, tunneling data to ensure security, and providing protection against attacks and identity theft
  • Authentication and routing methods identify the user who wants to connect on WiFi and includes HSS core network elements and the deep packet inspection (DPI) function to collect user information for further business analysis
  • Data logical layer stores subscriber data and applies analytics and business intelligence [here]
  • Policies and rules dictate hotspot network selection, policy control rule function (PCRF – here), real time charging (RTC) rules, and where business analytics reside.


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