TD-LTE and WiMAX Co-existence and Migration paper.

24 Jun

Nokia Siemens Networks’ strong experience
and expertise in TD-LTE, LTE FDD and WiMAX
provides the operator with confidence that they
are getting an efficient, highquality and reliable
One important question on a lot of Operator minds
is: How can operators deploy TD-LTE next to
WiMAX and then migrate WiMAX to TD-LTE?
The answer to this question is as varied as the
many different operator business models. The one
constant, however, is that interference mitigation
can be very costly and involve a complex set of
issues. If not properly addressed, interference can
wreak havoc on a network resulting in smaller bits
of useable spectrum, less capacity to handle
heavy data usage and subscriber growth,
and ultimately dissatisfied customers. In this
increasingly competitive marketplace where the
cost of acquiring spectrum is a major debt burden
that operators may carry for years, it is crucial to
resolve interference issues quickly and optimize
network performance right from the start.
In this white paper, we discuss the interference
scenarios between WiMAX system and
LTE system in adjacent spectrum blocks,
recommendations and specific solution for
WiMAX/TD-LTE coexistence

wimax_lte_co-existence (1)



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