Internet of Things

10 Jun

Tetsuya's ITC 501

Video summary 1

The Internet of things by Dr John Barrett

The past

After 20 years from the first browser was developed in 1993, our society has been changed dramatically by the Internet. The digital universe, we call it “Cloud”, are freely available for us, and its size is 4,000 Exabyte. The size is the same as back and forth 80 times Pluto and Earth. Using mobile devices, such as smart phone allow us to connect this digital universe from anywhere in the world.

The future from now

In near future, physical world will connect to the Internet. Which means that everything on the planet become things on Internet of things; every physical things can observe and control via the Internet. The things mean everything and anything: goods objects, machine, appliances, buildings, vehicles, animals, people, plants, soil and so forth.

The requirements of Internet of things

The internet of things…

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