9 Jun

Professor Arnold D.Kinney

During study about ‘CISCO’ devices, different kinds of Ethernet Standards & wiring will required to be come up first.  Actually, Ethernet wiring is an essential subject on Cisco’s CCNA exam.  So what do you need to know about Ethernet Standard & Cables?

Ethernet Standard

Ethernet is a widely used LAN technology. It was invented at EXROX PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) in 1970s.  Xerox, Intel and Digital defined it in a standard so it is also called DIX standard. The standard is now managed by IEEE in which 802.3 standard of IEEE defines formats, voltages of cable length etc.

The IEEE 802.3 Ethernet CSMA/CD architecture is based on the original DIX format established in the early 1980s by Digital, Intel, and Xerox.  Current Ethernet networks uses a mixture of copper and fiber optic cabling.  Ethernet standard recommends specific cable types and their lengths.  So far this standard evolves as per…

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