Automated configuration of FreeSwitch.

7 May


Our company has written a custom solution for calling in data for processing, by way of FreeSwitch. There were several xml files which needed to be modified or created to add a client to the FreeSwitch service, so that it would work with our solution. That said, I decided to create a GUI which would make all of the necessary changes and update the user as it went along. The interface is wxPython, by way of wxFormBuilder (excellent application BTW!). It took 3 days to write and test. I’d say, probably a third of that was just tinkering with the interface (I’m a perfectionist). That and it was the first time I used wxFormBuilder for a project. The last time I took a foray into wxPython, it was with Boa Constructor.

<digression> Boa Constructor is, IMHO, also a very promising product, however, it does contain a bug which crashes the…

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