OFDM as downlink transmission scheme for LTE

15 Apr


Some of   the basic targets set for 3GPP LTE (Third Generation partnership project Long term Evolution) are high data rate at cell edge, low delay, spectrum flexibility and maximum commonality between FDD(Frequency Division Duplex) and TDD(Time Division Duplex). Major upgrade that can help to achieve set targets is to increase bandwidth of operation. Thus give rise of wideband transmission. There is close relation between bandwidth and the rate of data transmission and can be understand by Shannon’s equation for channel capacity ‘C’

                                                  C =  BW* log2(1+ S/N)

 S = received signal power             N = power of white Noise

Now assuming information rate be ‘R’ bits/sec


                                  S = Eb*R                                    Eb = Energy  per bit information


                                 N= No.BW  …

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