Nfc Mobile: What is RFID Technology and what are its Uses?

1 Apr

Nfc Technology Suggestions

These days, a person, an animal, or an object can be identified in a state of the art manner using a wireless non-contact technology through radio-frequency identification or RFID. The RFID technology has been used mainly in different industries since tracking and identification play a huge role in managing inventories and assets. For example, RFID tags are used in mobile phone production. Workers can easily follow the progress of the devices by simply scanning the items. Meanwhile farmers can now easily identify their farm animals individually because each tag can be written or stored with specific information. To give a concrete example, farmers insert RFID tags to their farm animals. Using the technology, they can easily locate the animals ready for breeding since the tag contains information of the animal.

Meanwhile, individuals can now pay for their items without using actual money or even credit card. Device such as mobile phones equipped with RFID tags can transfer payment wirelessly. It is now possible to turn ordinary mobile phones into devices capable of transferring payment and also as RFID reader. The chip inside these devices contains your bank account information so you can use your phone to pay for items in the same manner as you would use your credit card. Of course, since the RFID chip contains your sensitive information, security features are added to the system for safe transactions.

RFID Technology Today
These days, it is possible to tag assets and inventories without having to shell out a large portion of your funds. You can even purchase a RFID tag and a scanner for a couple of dollars in electronic shops. You can now use RFID to tag your pets so you can easily locate them if in case they got out of your house. This works perfectly for pets with history of running away. A person can return your pet if he has a RFID reader at home.

Smart phones today are more than just devices for talking. These days, you can now use your phone to acquire and share information and even purchase stuff using the device alone. Experts predict that phones will be used for other purposes other than allowing two or more people to talk. It is because current phones are now equipped with technology that could read and interpret information from other devices. Today, some smart phones can be used to pay for our bills, gather information from other devices, and even socialize with other people. This trend is made possible by NFC enabled smart phones which allow users to utilize their devices other than calling or texting a friend.
Nfc Technology

What is NFC and how it Works
NFC which stands for Near Field Communication is a type of communication or exchange of data that relies on electromagnetic radio fields. The system is similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi since it allows transfer or exchange of data wirelessly. It can also be likened to RFID since it is also a wireless transfer of communication. However NFC devices as to be within proximity in order to allow exchange of information.

Communication or sharing of information is achieved in two ways?passive and active.

Passive devices like an NFC tag contain data which other devices can read. For example, a magazine with a tag may contain additional information which you may read if you scan the code using your NFC enabled device.

The other type of NFC the one they consider active devices are electronic devices that can read the information or even send it to other authorized devices. In the example above, the active device is the NFC enabled smart phones. You can use your phone to read information on passive tags and you can even share or alter the information if such action is allowed.

NFC Technology on Android Devices
Some android phones are capable of using the technology for commerce and security. Certain brands are fitted with NFC technology so users can use their phones for commerce and security purposes.

Right now there are select android phones from Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony that are equipped with NFC so owners can use their phones to pay for stuff. Other function of NFC on android includes interpreting data from a passive tag. You can also download a third party app that would turn your android phone into a barcode scanner so you can get additional data and even pair your device with other phones.



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