VoLTE with SRVCC: The second phase of voice evolution for mobile LTE devices

25 Mar
LTE Growth
The 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) high-speed, high-capacity data standard or mobile devices is well on itsway to becoming a globally deployed standard. The rstully commercial LTE network was deployed in December2009. In 2010, the rst generation o CS telephony servicesvia CDMA in combination with LTE PS data services wereintroduced, using dual always-on radios in users’mobile devices.In 2011, LTE handsets using circuit-switched allback(CSFB) to support GSM/WCDMA legacy systemsbecame available, using smaller, less expensive,more power-ecient single radio solutions.As o mid-2012, commercial LTE services in operation,planning or trials have expanded dramatically, as shownin Figure 1.The availability o LTE-compatible smartphones early inthe development o LTE networks has been a major drivero the rapid growth o LTE adoption. The prevalance osmartphones is driving the need or increased capacity,while users continue to demand aster speeds o accessor their increasingly data-intensive applications. It isclear that the majority o operators, both GSM and CDMA,will evolve their networks to LTE


Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/132205330/Srvcc-White-Paper


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