LTE Encyclopedia

25 Mar
LTE Systems Overview
Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest step in movingforward from the cellular 3G services ( e.g. GSM toUMTS to HSPA to LTE or CDMA to LTE). LTE is basedon standards developed by the 3
rdGenerationPartnership Project (3GPP). LTE may also be referredmore formally as Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) and EvolvedUMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network (E-UTRAN). Even though 3GPPcreated standards for GSM/UMTS family, the LTE standards are completely new, with exceptions where itmade sense. The following are the main objectives for LTE.
Increased downlink and uplink peak data rates.
Scalable bandwidth
Improved spectral efficiency
All IP network
A standard‟s based interface that can support
amultitude of user types.LTE networks are intended to bridge the functional dataexchange gap between very high data rate fixedwireless Local Area Networks (LAN) and very highmobility cellular networks.
Overview of the LTE Standard
The original study item on Long Term Evolution (LTE) of 3GPP Radio Access Technology was initiated with the aimto ensure that 3GPP RAT is competitive in the future (next 10 years). Focus of the study was on enhancement of theradio-access technology (UTRA) and optimization & simplification of radio access network (UTRAN). The key drivingfactors for LTE are:
Efficient spectrum utilization
Flexible spectrum allocation
Reduced cost for the operator
Improved system capacity and coverage
Higher data rate with reduced latency
Targets for LTE
Some specific targets set for LTE are listed below [3GPP TR 25.913]
Increased peak data rate:100Mbps for DL with 20MHz (2 Rx Antenna at UE), 50Mbps for UL with 20MHz
Improved spectral efficiency: 5bps/Hz for DL and 2.5bps/Hz for UL
Improved cell edge performance (in terms of bit rate)
Reduced latency:
Overall Network Architecture




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