Telecom Whitepaper Radio Resource Management Radio Admission Control Radio Bearer Control 0113 1

5 Mar

Radio Resource Management- Radio Admission Controland Bearer Control

Radio Resource Management (RRM) is an E-UTRANNode B (eNodeB) application level function thatensures the efficient use of available radio resources.RRM manages the assignment, re-assignment andrelease of radio resources, taking into account singleand multi-cell aspects.Radio Admission Control (RAC) is a sub-function of RRM. The task of RAC is to admit or reject theestablishment requests for new radio bearers. Theestablishment of a bearer is based on the outcome of the RAC Algorithms.Radio Bearer Control (RBC) is also another sub-functionof RRM. The establishment, maintenance and release of Radio Bearers involve the configuration of radioresources associated with them. It is based on theoutcome of RBC Algorithm. This paper primarily focuses on the admission,establishment and maintenance of radio bearers. Wediscuss a strategy for RAC and RBC, including Quality of Service (QoS) requirements, priority levels andprovided QoS of in-progress sessions and QoSrequirements of the new radio bearer request.
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