Forget Mobile Payments, Here’s Where NFC Really Shines

5 Mar


Your phone may or may not already contain an NFC (near field communication) chip – if you have an Android phone, it might; if you have an iPhone, it doesn’t. We’ll begin to see NFC in more and more phones, though.

And one of the main marketing points for these NFC chips has been the ability to tap your phone on a payment terminal in a retail environment instead of taking five seconds to pull your wallet out of your pocket like a heathen. Samsung, for instance, also promotes NFC as a way to share music playlists and – ahem – private, marital videos by tapping two NFC-equipped phones together.

But if you ask me, a man of arguably inconsequential stature, the true power of NFC lies in its ability to unlock doors without using traditional keys.

If you work for a large-ish company, you may already have a keycard…

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