Best Practice QoS Config ?

3 Mar


I have seen many workbook lab tasks about configure things “as per best practice“. Few examples are ask us to configure  QoS of a switchport  where cisco phone or AP, WLC connected, configure 802.11 data rates for VoWLAN, wireless QoS.

How do we determine what is the best practice configs for these situations ? For example “A 7960 phone is connected to Fa1/0/10 of switch B. Configure QoS on this port to support this phone as per best practice”. How we should approach this ? One quick way is Auto QoS.

You can configure auto-qos on a given switchport  to support VoIP phone connection by using “auto qos voip  cisco-phone” CLI command. Keep in mind this will add whole bunch of other global commands to enable QoS, classification, Scheduling, etc. See below example where I have configured auto QoS on fa1/0/10 in a 3750 switch.


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