DNS – A Critical Cog in the Network Machine

27 Feb

Kevin T. Binder - The Product Marketing Guy

Today’s complex computing networks are painstakingly designed with redundancy from top to bottom. For many organizations the network is the lifeline. Every moment of network downtime results in lost revenue and diminished customer confidence.

Last quarter we saw high profile network outages from GoDaddy.com and AT&T that were the result of DNS infrastructure failures. It got me thinking. Too often critical network services like DNS and DHCP are more of an afterthought during the network design process. IT Mangers want to spend precious budget dollars on fancy routers, ADC’s, and switch fabrics. After the big ticket items are purchased DNS/DHCP services are routinely deployed on general purpose servers. Many have learned the hard way that this isn’t a winning strategy.


While DNS servers can be vulnerable to DDoS attacks GoDaddy.com blamed the outage on human error and corrupted routing tables. Regardless of where they lay blame, the outage proved t…

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