Cell phone companies could profit from your personal info

27 Feb


BARCELONA, Spain (CNNMoney) — Your smartphone holds a treasure trove of information about you, and cell phone companies are looking for ways to turn that into profit.

Today, most of the data wireless carriers share with third parties is pretty generic: All four national carriers bundle together their customers’ personal information and use that aggregated data to help outside companies target ads to their subscribers.

But cell phone companies are just scratching the surface of what they could be sharing. Smartphones know where you are now, where you’ve been, what you like to shop for, and what apps you use. Your phone company knows your age, race and sex.

Put all that together, and the carriers have some extremely relevant information for brands vying for your business.

“An interesting transformation is happening in wireless, in which consumers are no longer customers — they’re the product,” said Dan Hays, principal in…

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