Is Mobile Device Management an Opportunity for Telcos?

13 Feb


If you ask CTOs what are they looking to do to secure personal devices used at work, they generally talk about data encryption or MDM. Since data encryption is already widely used I think the real interesting thing is to understand what they are looking for in an MDM solution?

I think there the confusion starts. Should we then consider a mobile device managent, or mobile security solution or maybe a mobile application/data management tool? I think Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Device Security Management (MDSM) are two partly-overlaping topics to each other. Admittedly, proper MDSM is not easy. Yet because MDSM includes many specialized security controls and processes, vastly different than MDM. Therefore I think MDSM deserved an independent recognition and identity – wholly separate from MDM.

You want to manage the deployment of applications to your workforce?  Great.  That’s why you need a tool with Mobile Application Management capabilities. That’s why “MDM” vendors have been moving so quickly to add Mobile Application Management capabilities onto their solutions. However, still one of the biggest dilemma of an MDM vendor is about the problem of data leakage. In fact most of the customers want Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions. No matter how often MDM vendors say they are, MDM isn’t DLP. Most of the MDM can not really track if you are taking notes to evernote or forwaring a job email to your private mail. So, data protection is a little weak for most of the MDM solutions.

All in all, I think there is an open space for MDM vendors to add more DLP and Mobile Application/Data Management functionalities. Having all this said, I believe MDM and mobile security are business opportunities for Telcos.



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