The Fragility of Telecom Infrastructure in Brazil and What it Teaches us about Sustainability

1 Feb

ICT4D @ Tulane

Playing off of the class discussion on Tuesday that examined the appropriateness of telecom centers in developing countries, I decided too look into telecom centers in Latin America, and came across interesting discussion about the fragile state of Telecom Infrastructure in Brazil. In  “More Investment Needed to Boost Brazil’s Fragile Telecom Infrastructure” by Filipe Pacheco ( from Nearshores America (, the Latin American Out Sourcing Authority, the author discusses the rise of the “C class” in Brazil. This term has been used lately to categorize the growing lower middle-income socioeconomic class, the group that is most largely responsible for the increasing economic growth in Brazil throughout the last decade. The article begins by interviewing Ana Maria Cruz de Souza as she hunts for a laptop for her daughter and tablet for her son. She says, “I don’t know how to use the laptop or what the tablet is…

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