Keep Up: Why upload speeds are the forgotten part of the broadband equation

24 Jan


While most of use are now more than comfortable with operating in a mobile world, even the non- technical understand that a wireless connection is never quite as good as a fixed line. It’s, what I like to call, received wisdom.

Except it’s wrong.

Thanks to EE, I’ve recently made the jump from 3G (so last decade) to LTE, (or 4G as everybody has insisted inaccurately  calling it, though it’s not, but that’s for another day). A quick speed test on my EE-powered iPhone 5 gives me a ping of 53ms, download speeds of 23.02Mbps and and an upload speed of 17.95Mbps. (By way of comparison I turned off LTE on the iPhone and got 49/2.18Mbps/2.65Mbps respectively. Eurgh.).

Last night a similar speed test on my home broadband gave me a ping of 19ms, 29.82Mbps on the download and 2.75Mbps on the upload.

This was on a Virgin Media cable…

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