Grow your Business With NFC (Nearfield Communication) Tags. The Next Big Thing?

23 Jan

Picture of what a NFC tag looks like. Courtesy of the guys at Slaptouch.

I believe that this technology is going to become a large part of not only how we interact with media but each other as well. There is compelling evidence that this particular technology will become a huge part of our daily lives. NFC tags are going to be a big part of that.

Business owners will want to place their tags in high traffic areas where customers/individuals come into close contact with their product or service or directly on the products themselves.

NFC tags have already been successfully deployed with this strategy in mind.  There have been a number of movie theaters that have adopted the tags. Through these tags customers can easily pull up trailers to videos through a URL link to an external site.

I have also personally helped set up some custom menus and bar displays with tags built in with links directly to the businesses websites or Facebook pages.  You can even link them directly to the “like” button. This is a great way to drive business and increase customer awareness of your brand, product, or service.

Business owners need to make the content on the tag appealing. Visual media is one the most effective tools to inform individual/potential customers of your products or services.  Simple links to websites or contact information can be great, but the content provided through your NFC tag has to make a statement.  A video will catch an individual’s eye well before any type of text will.

Curious to find out more about NFC? I have written a short EBook that will you give you a solid understanding what NFC is, how to use NFC Tags, where to find NFC tags, and how to use them to benefit your business or personal life.

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