Four Steps to Monetizing 4G LTE Services

15 Jan

A 2012 survey by research firm Informa finds that 70% of global operators believe 4G services should be launched now, meaning Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have a small, but closing, window of opportunity to be the provider of choice for communication services- including mobile video calling, instant messaging and presence, and Web collaboration.  Mobile operators must start the process of monetizing Long Term Evolution (LTE) today.

Recently, Forbes’s published my outline on four key ways to monetize the LTE opportunity:

1.     Speed is sexy, but applications drive revenue

Mobile operators need to extend beyond marketing campaigns that focus exclusively on faster speeds in order to generate the business case for higher monthly charges. Read more.

2.    Own the user experience

Compared to Over-the-Top (OTT) providers tied to specific applications (i.e., Skype calling) and devices, mobile operators, with ownership of the network, are well positioned to provide end-users with one identity and mobility across the devices. Read more.

3.    Meet exploding bandwidth requirements

LTE delivers the cost-effective bandwidth that enables mobile operators to realize economies of scale required to drive down the rising costs associated with delivering data over existing networks. Read more.

4.   Look beyond tried-and-true consumer segments

Compared to OTT providers, MNOs can more effectively ensure a carrier-grade quality of experience for end users of services suited for consumers but inadequate for the rigors of enterprise use. Read more.

By leveraging ownership of the network and the quality of service LTE enables, MNOs are well positioned to capitalize on a lucrative market; although, it is essential for MNOs to begin the LTE monetization process today in order to fully maximize the benefits and ensure emerging competitor segments do not strike first to unravel these efforts.

Read my full article here:



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