Prof. Sonika Kandari discusses 4G Technology: Extending features of 3G

15 Jan

SelaQui Academy of Higher Education

Technology has advanced in last two decades which is evident from rapid developments in field of wireless technologies which are marking their existence into all aspects of human life. 4G has made it place at the top. The main goal of 4G is to embed broadband in all types of portable consumer devices. The vision of 4G is backbone for an advanced infrastructural framework consisting of architecture, advancement in core technologies like processor and digital signal processing and open interfaces for building, deploying and providing applications to achieve ubiquitous, seamless capacity agnostic services.

3G deployments began as early as 2003 in some countries and now most developed nations have implemented 3G networks with coverage in billions of subscribers. Scope of 4G expands access to all types of networks in category of non-mobile methods, wireless and wireline. The future average revenue per user for 4G will mainly come from data services…

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